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Hi, I'm Renee !


I Know all the right ways to get your Family Covered In the time of need.

Let's Get your family covered together!

Honestly, I don’t just want to give you a life insurance policy. I want to do more than that. I want to guide you through every step of the process, helping you make all the right decisions along the way. So you’ll end up with a smarter, more affordable approach to protecting your family’s future.


Buying life insurance can help ensure that your family will be financially taken care of if you pass away.

There are many choices for life insurance that can be a good fit for your financial goals and budget.


How it works: Term life insurance insurance has a specific end date for the level term period, when rates stay the same. After this period you can renew the policy, but at higher rates each year. Choices of coverage lengths are generally 5, 10, 15, 25 or 30 years. It’s the cheapest way to buy life insurance because you’re buying only insurance coverage and not paying for cash value life insurance.

Term life insurance is ideal for people who want life insurance coverage for a specific debt or situation. For example, some people buy it to cover their working years as income replacement for their family in case they pass away. Some people buy term life to cover the years of a mortgage or other large debt.


How it works: Whole life insurance can provide coverage for the duration of your life. An account within the policy builds cash value over time by using part of your premium payment and adding interest. A policy will have built-in guarantees that the premium will not increase, the death benefit remains the same, and the cash value will earn a fixed rate of return.

Whole life is suited for people who want lifelong coverage and are willing to pay for the guarantees provided by the policy.


How it works: You may see this kind of policy called burial, funeral or final expense insurance. No matter the name, it’s usually a small whole life insurance policy that’s intended to pay only for funeral costs and other final expenses. Burial insurance is often offered as a policy that you can’t be turned down for and that doesn’t require a medical exam.

These types of policies are generally for people in poor health who don’t have other life insurance options and who need insurance for funeral expenses.

  • Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL)

How It Works : A type of permanent life insurance that provides coverage for the entire lifetime of the insured, as long as the policy is in force and premiums are paid. It is similar to traditional Universal Life insurance in that it also provides a death benefit to the beneficiaries of the policy and also accumulates cash value over time. One of the main differences between IUL and traditional universal life insurance is that the cash value of an IUL policy is tied to a stock market index, such as the S&P 500, rather than earning a fixed interest rate. Usually, the cash value of the policy will increase when the stock market index increases, but will not decrease when the stock market index decreases. This means that the cash value of the policy has the potential to increase (up to a cap stated in the policy) at a faster rate than traditional universal life insurance. IUL policies also have a minimum guaranteed interest rate, which means that the cash value will not decrease below a certain level.

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Our top A+ Rated Insurance companies

SBLI - Best term life rates

Mutual of Omaha - Best for gen X & Millennials Americo - Great benefits

TransAmerica - Best for reliable illustrations

John Hancock - Best for cigar use

Gerber - Juvenal & family Insurance

AIG - Great for Marijuana use.

Life Insurance Q&As

Do I have to take a medical exam?

NO, There will never be a medical exam.

How do I apply for life insurance?

It’s a simple 3-step process:

Step 1: Get started by requesting a free quote.

Step 2: We’ll instantly find the best option for your needs based on your health and lifestyle. Remember, our services are free and unbiased. After selecting the plan, We will put your application in for approval.

Is my information confidential?

Your information is completely confidential. No one has access to your information and, once you’ve chosen one of our highly rated companies, the insurer you decide to use. We never sell your name, address or personal information.

7 Facts About Life Insurance

1. You almost certainly need term life insurance.

2. Insurance is a product, not an investment.

3. It’s cheaper than you might think.

4. The earlier you buy life insurance, the better.

5. It’s a good idea to name more than one beneficiary.

6. You should review your policy regularly.

7. Your insurance might not pay out if you die from certain causes.

I have a policy through work. Isn’t that enough?

As part of an overall benefits package, many employers offer some form of life insurance coverage to their employees. Since this coverage is typically paid for by the employer, it’s a great benefit to have. But it’s still wise to hold your own personal life insurance policy. There are a few reasons for this. First, the coverage provided by your employer might not be enough to support your family in the event of your death. Employer-provided life insurance often covers you for a low set amount. Additionally, your coverage will be lost if you take another job or find yourself unemployed.

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